A kitchen must be suitable for everyday use. The Requirements Search has proved that functional kitchens have three basic characteristics:

  • Unhindered work flow
  • Maximum use of available space
  • Allow good mobility

We have ideas for all three characteristics of a functional kitchen. If taken into account right from the start, at the design stage, the users will have functional kitchens for a lifetime!


DYNAMIC SPACE for our customers and our partners.

The idea of DYNAMIC SPACE is designed to inspire customers and partners. We want to share the valuable information we have acquired. The innovative products and our pioneering ideas for functional closet solutions make the daily use of the kitchen easier and they facilitate the design stage. The issue of functionality does not simply give you the ability to stand out from the rest. It also gives both you and your clients real added value. We have a wide spectrum of ideas that can be adapted to suit your needs. We will be happy to lend you our support.

Cabinet Solutions

Base cabinet for kitchen utensils

Base cabinet for kitchen utensils

Functional cabinets for modern kitchens

Find the cabinets that best suit your personal requirements. The practical cabinet solutions contribute in achieving effective work flow in the kitchen. The available space can be optimized. From a practical point of view, you can store together items needed for the same job in the kitchen. This way, everything is in a convenient spot. Chose the respective activities and discover the biggest variety of practical solutions for your kitchen.

SPACE TOWER – the complete solution for pantries

The SPACE TOWER is accessible with impressive ease, it offers plenty of space for provisions and it can be adapted to the varying individual needs. This means that this well-designed pantry offers the best possible support in the daily use of the kitchen.

For flexible access

By pulling out fully and independently, the baskets offer good visibility of the stored items which you can access from three sides. Picking up something is done easily from above. The little strength required makes the panty extremely easy to use.

Plenty of storage space

For flexible storage

SPACE TOWER uses to the maximum the available storage space. Tall, closed box drawers ensure that provisions are stored safely, while flexible systems can be used for internal compartmentalization for the organization and safe storage of your items. Each basket can hold 11st of total weight.

Different cabinet dimensions

For flexible design

The SPACE TOWER pantry is flexible in height, width and depth and it can also be adjusted to your personal requirements as far as storage space is concerned. This means that this practical pantry uses to the maximum the available space down to the last inch. On top of this, the pantry can be further adjusted with a wide range of movement technologies.

SPACE CORNER: Corner cabinet for provisions

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Provisions are stored easily in the corners with the SPACE CORNER

This cabinet uses ergonomically the space in the corners and gives plenty of storage space for provisions.

SPACE CORNER with full extension

Great visibility and easy access in all corners

SPACE CORNER offers full extension in the corners. It gives ergonomic access to provisions and allows you to see immediately when you need to replenish items.

ORGA-LINE System for internal compartmentalization

Neat and Tidy

The SPACE CORNER cabinet can be equipped with the ORGA-LINE flexible systems for internal compartmentalization. The items you store are organized and kept safely in the baskets. The tall back and side panels keep your items in an upright position in the basket.

Different cabinet dimensions

It gets adjusted to your kitchen

This corner cabinet can be adjusted to different heights and widths depending on your requirements. We recommend you chose a width from 36” to 48”.


Also suitable for heavy use

Blum’s baskets hold up to 10st without losing their extremely smooth motion. The baskets open and close soundlessly and effortlessly thanks to BLUMOTION.

All kitchens have unexploited potential to improve the user’s convenience


Kitchen accessories that will surprise you

Case for aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Isn’t it annoying when you try to draw aluminum foil or membrane wrap and the roll gets stuck? That’s why we created a no-mess case for aluminum foil and membrane wrap. The secret: the Blum rail. It offers a clean cut every time. The case fits perfectly in the drawer. Alternatively, you can place it on your bench.

Aluminum foil case

Exactly where it should be and in a place of direct access: in a case for aluminum foil. This easy to use case offers precision cut. No tears, no waste.

The case fits perfectly in the drawer. Alternatively, you can place it on your bench.

The practical Blum plate case

Stack them up. The Blum plate case fits up to 12 plates (7.2” to 12.8” in diameter) and has a non slip base to ensure the safe stacking of all ceramic dish in the basket.

It has two handles so it can be moved comfortably as a unit to the dinning or the garden.

The practical Blum knife case

The ORGA-LINE knife case fits comfortably and safely up to 9 knives irrespectively of their size. The case can go in the drawer so you always have the right knife handy.

The knife case is included in the ORGA-LINE set.

The practical Blum spice rack

The ORGA-LINE spice rack fits safely packs and small jars irrespectively of size. It can easily be removed from the basket and placed on the bench or taken to the dining room. The spice case has been designed to go in dishwasher. That’s practical!

For more ideas and more inspiration

You will find useful advice how to make your kitchen even more functional in our section for prospective kitchen buyers. Discover the solutions the Blum parts offer in a variety of real-life environments and be inspired.

Cabinet ideas for plates and cutlery

Emptying the dishwasher can be done quickly and easily

In an ideal situation this unit should be close to the dishwasher. You can put everything in their place quickly without covering long distances.

With the AVENTOS folding system for elevation, the front goes up and out leaving the work area free. The doors do not interfere with the user who has easy access to all contents of the cabinet. If the cabinet is near the dishwasher, you can put the clean glasses in their place in zero time.

Cabinet solutions for the sink area

The full extension provides easy access to the contents even to the farthest corner. This makes cleaning and removal of garbage easy. Thanks to the ORGA-LINE divider wall, detergents are hygienically separated from the recycling bins.

The internal drawers create more storage space.

Extra space for detergents

Depending on the condition of the installation an extra internal drawer can be fitted. This drawer makes room for detergents and cleaning items like sponges, dishwasher tablets and garbage bags. Everything is exactly where you need it.

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This under-sink cabinet is a hygienic solution for garbage bins and detergents. Everything is in an accessible place.

The sink basket is used at least 30 times per day on average. That means it is very important to find a solution that offers sufficient storage and direct access to all items you store in the sink area. This cabinet is superior as far as making use of space is concerned and also practical organization and added convenience for the user.

Detergents are kept directly under the sink.

The easy way to create additional storage space

The special U-shaped basket utilizes every inch of space to the left and right of the sink. Ideal for items used often like sponges, tablets and dishwashing liquid. The detergents do not accumulate on the work bench and continue to be in an accessible place. This basket is available for cabinets 36” deep and over.

Sufficient space for detergents and recycling bins

Easy access

The full extension makes cleaning, using and emptying of the bins easy. You have full access from above and you can reach items all the way at the back of the basket easily. The ORGA-LINE divider keeps the detergents separate from the garbage bins, keeping bottles in the easy to clean bottle case.

An additional internal basket gives even more storage space.

No space is wasted

The additional internal drawer gives more storage space in the sink cabinets. There is plenty of space for cleaning items like sponges, cloths and garbage bags.

Kitchen cabinets for the main work surface

Your hands are full? No problem!

Your hands are full? No problem!

The electric system for the SERVO-DRIVE opening assistant is extremely handy in the sink cabinet when you want to throw something in the garbage but your hands are full, wet or dirty. Simply touch the front with your knee or hip and the basket opens by itself. SERVO-DRIVE is also available as a separate solution, SERVO-DRIVE uno, for this kind of applications.

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This base cabinet is the ideal place for the kitchen apparatus so they are close to the work surface

Most jobs in the kitchen are done on the main work surface. The work surface must be at least 36” deep and located ideally between the sink and the cooking plates to ensure simple work flow and small distances. This base cabinet guarantees that all kitchen apparatus are within reach and exactly where you need them.

Total organization of knives and kitchen utensils

The knives and kitchen utensils are within reach

Kitchen utensils and knives should always be within easy reach. The ORGA-LINE system of internal dividers organizes your apparatus so you can find them easily. The ORGA-LINE knife case stores safely up to 9 knives of various sizes.

Cover your plates with just a few moves

Practical case for membrane wrap in the preparation zone

Cover food in seconds using the ORGA-LINE membrane case. The Blum rail guarantees precision cut with no mess. Blum also offers a case for aluminum foil. You can attach it on the ORGA-LINE internal dividers system or simply put it in a drawer.

The horizontal and vertical dividers are adjusted easily.

Open packages are organized and kept safe

You have quick and easy access to open packs of flour, sugar and semolina. This is ideal during food preparation. With the flexible horizontal and vertical dividers it is certain that no contents will spill out.

Practical basket under the work surface.

Bowls are within reach

During food preparation you often need certain bowls. Keep them in the basket under the work surface so you always have them within reach.

Ideas for the purchase of your kitchen

The kitchen of your dreams

Experience shows that a kitchen has a life span of about 15 years or more. Despite that, it has to prove its worth on a daily basis. That’s why it is important to be not only beautiful but functional as well. The right preparation during the buying of a kitchen helps to take some obvious decisions. This way you help your designer to design a kitchen tailored to your wishes. Here you will find some practical advice for the purchase of your kitchen.

A new kitchen for pleasure that lasts

Experience shows that a kitchen has a life span of about 15 years or more. Despite that, it has to prove it worth on a daily basis. That’s why it is important to be not only beautiful but functional as well. The right preparation when buying a kitchen helps to take some obvious decisions. This way you help your designer to design a kitchen tailored to your wishes. Good work flow, sufficient storage space and total comfort in your movements.  For Blum, that means: work flow, space and mobility – the three basic characteristics of a functional kitchen.

If you pay attention on all three, you kitchen will match and reflect your needs. In the pages that follow you will find many ideas for making your kitchen functional.

Advice for buying a kitchen

Full extension instead of shelves

Right height of work surface (distances between elbow and work surface 4” – 6”)

Work flow-Comfort

Best work flow thanks to the 5 zones

When everything is stored in the place you need them, distances are reduced and you save time. The 5 zones (Consumables, Non-Consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking) are based on your daily activities and help you do them easier. The zones are defined clockwise for the right handed and anti-clockwise for the LEFT-HANDED. Make sure you have sufficient space on the main work surface (minimum 36”). Ideally the main work surface is between the sink and the cooking plates.

Π-shaped sink basket

Space – Optimization

The AVENTOS elevation systems open smoothly and close soundlessly.

SERVO-DRIVE, the electric system assisting opening.

Mechanical system assisting opening.

TIP-ON: Opens with pressure, closes with a light push.

How to help your kitchen’s designer

What are the dimensions you can allocate for your new kitchen?

Where are the available water and electricity connections?

Storage space

Do you have alternative storage space? (storage room, cellar etc)

How many people are in your household?

What roles should your kitchen fulfil? (Entertainment, simply kitchen etc)