Soft Wood Paneling

Our company manufactures – imports and sells a variety of dimensions and profiles of wall and roof paneling – pine-spruce timber – and Yellow Pine (Pitch Pine).
The paneling is available for immediate delivery and it is delivered in protective covering.

14Χ142 Spruce – Zita
15Χ190 Spruce – Zita
19Χ190 Spruce – Zita
14Χ142 Spruce – Nichachi
15Χ190 Spruce – Nichachi
10Χ92 Pitch Pine
10Χ88 Pine – Scotland
12 -5Χ88 Pine – Scotland
12 -5Χ113 Pine – Scotland
14Χ138 Pine – Nychachi
15Χ88 Pine – Scotland Old Décor


They are manufactured in a wide variety of standard profiles and dimensions from different types of wood suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


It has a honey blond color with brown waves. It is a soft and light wood – ideal for cladding (building facades – yard fences – bathrooms – sunshades. Very resilient to climatic changes – to humidity and the insects that attack wood. It can be installed without any processing and it can be painted in any color to produce your preferred result.

Burma Teak

Its original color is light brown. It is very stable and very resilient to humidity.

African Teak (Afromosia)

Its original color is golden brown – in the light it changes to dark brown. A hard wood with great resilience to humidity.


Its original color is light brown – in the light it changes to dark brown with a golden hue. Strong wood with very good mechanical properties.


Tropical timber from Indonesia with a dark reddish-brown color. One side is smooth – the other has anti-slip ridges – either side can be installed. Exclusively for outdoor use (floors – fences – panels – etc).